Expertica mission has one thing at its core: seller satisfaction. We realize it is a competitive market for sellers to list online assets. With a significant number of brokerages available to you, it can be hard to choose which broker or marketplace is “best”. We realize that your time spent selling an asset can quickly become a massive headache. Numerous calls with buyers, constant re-negotiations on pricing while still keeping the business stable…we get it. Our approach is much different which is why we have established Expertica.

When new sellers approach our team, we take the time to understand the business, reasons for sale, and most importantly, what your goals are at the end of the day. From there, our team will conduct a deeper due diligence with our partners as we try to make this process as effort-less as possible for you as the seller. Most importantly, our conversations with you at this time will be focused on your preferred deal structure and how we can help meet your financial needs.

If you are looking for the best for the future of your company, you have come to the right place. Our veteran team of software and digital marketing experts will be on the forefront of scaling your former site to a future audience across the globe.

If you want a selling experience like no other, be sure to drop us a note below!


We invest in 3 main types of businesses


Currently focused across all niches, our content portfolio is targeted to be highly diversified. Whether you’re selling a $50,000 or $500,000, let’s chat. Our portfolio is well-diversified across a spectrum of monthly earning ranges. In addition to taking over the business, our goal is to further improve the site and take it to the next level.


Our team is currently focused on acquiring FBA and dropshipping businesses. However, we are happy to entertain conversations across other types of e-commerce setups. Market trends are pointing to e-commerce not slowing down any time soon. Now is a great time to unload your’s and step up to a larger operation!


We are looking at expanding our SaaS portfolio specifically around home, office, and enterprise productivity tools. This is purposefully a very broad bucket so that we can identify synergies with other investment interests within our portfolio. As always, if you have other SaaS products, we are always interested in taking a look.


Meet our team


Seth Simmons

Focused on portfolio investments across content and e-commerce acquisitions, Seth brings 10+ years of experience executing large scale e-commerce strategy. Also leading AI initiatives for global brands, Seth enables the team to look at acquisitions and user experience from a truly data-backed and customer-centric perspective.

Viggo Hernandez

An ex-McKinsey consultant and 2x startup founder, Viggo is focused on Expertica’s digital strategy and creating the ultimate user experience for Expertica’s portfolio properties. Viggo has a proven track record delivering on high-impact projects globally including new product engineering, large scale agile transformations, and build vs. buy initiatives.

Zakari Thompson

A leader in deal sourcing and due diligence, Zakari leads Expertica’s cold outreach, brokerage partnerships, and marketing campaigns. Given the high volume of websites and SaaS solutions available in the marketplace, Zakari enables the team to identify only the highest quality acquisition targets for Expertica’s investors to review and acquire.

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